Conference Objective

The effective prevention of failure in engineering structures necessitates a profound depth of expertise. It frequently mandates a multidisciplinary and multiscale approach, taking into account both size and time dimensions, tailored to the specific application at hand. Over the past decades, failure prevention is becoming an integral part of holistic approaches that encompass aspects of quality, performance, financial viability, and ecological sustainability of materials and structures. In parallel, the emergence of new materials and manufacturing methodologies, such as Additive Manufacturing, has widened the perspectives for engineering structures.

Furthermore, advancements in digitalizing engineering through the exploitation of the progress made in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the increasing use of virtual tests, digital twins, and virtual certification, etc., are offering new technological opportunities whilst at same time pose new challenges which must be addressed. The series of the International Conference of Engineering Against Failure (ICEAF) aims to provide on a biennial basis a Forum to present relevant scientific and technological achievements and discuss with an audience of international experts.

The Conference aims to attract interdisciplinary work dedicated to: the design against engineering failure, the implementation of appropriate guidelines against failure, the development and application of concepts and technologies to prevent of failure, the use of both, novel and established approaches, technologies, and tools for failure analysis, the prevention of failure through structural health monitoring and non-destructive-inspection and testing, as well as the deep understanding of the underlying failure mechanisms and the identification of the failure root causes.

Research contributions are expected to cover various technological areas including aeronautics and space, automotive, marine, sustainable energy technologies, oil refineries and chemical industry, civil engineering applications, bioengineering, and medical applications, etc. 
The ICEAF VIII Conference is co-chaired by Spiros Pantelakis (Professor Emeritus, University of Patras, Laboratory of Technology and Strength of Materials) and Spyros Diplas (SINTEF) who jointly undertake the scientific responsibility of the Conference. ICEAF VIII will be the eighth event of a biennial conference series that commenced in Patras in May 2008 and gathers high-level scientists from all over the world.


Conference Chairmen

Prof. Emeritus Spiros Pantelakis (Conference Co-Chairman)
Dr. Spyros Diplas (Conference Co-Chairman)




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For further information please send an e-mail to: (Conference Secretariat)


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